What can I expect when ordering from Snomad's?

Orders placed on-line can be picked up at Alley Arts 7-10 days after placing an order.  Please contact Damon (970) 590-6405 to verify that the order has been completed and delivered to Alley Arts.  If the order is for a school - all of these orders are delivered to the respective school. Other group orders are typically  delivered to the person placing the group order.(ie coach)

Snomad's prides ourselves on providing the quickest turn-around possible on orders.  There are many factors that influence these timelines, but our goal is to get orders out within 7-10 business days.  That varies by order size, the avaiablity of shirts and/or materials to fulfill ordes, and business volume.  If we anticipate not meeting these timeframes, we are up-front about the turn around times

Parts of our website are password protected to only be accessed by specific groups.  This helps us to ensure that we are providing the best customer experience for the groups & individuals we work for.

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